COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

The COVID-19 Pandemic has required many changes to our schedule and procedure for in-person meeting. See below for more information.

Current Schedule

9:00 & 9:15 am – Sunday School (limited classes in-person)
9:00 am – KidZone (via Zoom)
10:30 am – Worship Service (in-person and live stream)
5:00 pm – TRUTH Students (via Zoom)
6:00 pm – Cross Trainers (in-person)

10:30 am – Wednesday Worship Service (in-person – Annex)
5:00 pm – TRUTH Students (via Zoom)
7:00 pm – GAs/RAs (via Zoom)

When attending any in-person meeting:

Stay Connected


    Morning Worship – 10:30am (Annex)
    Adult Discipleship – 6:30pm
    Truth Students – 6:30pm (Annex)
    Kidz’ Choir – 6:30pm Kidz’ Mission Friends, Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors – 7pm


    Sunday School – 9:00am
    Morning Worship – 10:30am
    AWANA (September-May) – 5:00pm
    Truth Students (September-May) – 5:00pm


    A.B.L.E. Worship – 4:00pm (Annex)

    Hocutt Baptist Church

    314 W Horne St, Clayton NC 27520
    Office Phone: 919-553-6650
    Preschool Phone: 919-553-9897

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