Membership Matters

Membership Matters

Teacher: Dr. Steve Roy, Senior Pastor

This class is a great entry point into the body of believers at Hocutt Baptist Church.
Open to all, this class is a requirement for those who desire to be joined to the body of Christ and place their membership with Hocutt.

The class covers these topics:
Baptists and the Bible; Man’s Will, Fall and Redemption; God’s Grace, Our Calling; Where Does the Money Go?

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    Morning Worship – 10:30am (Annex)
    Truth Students – 6:30pm (Annex)
    Kidz’ Mission Friends, Girls in Action, & Royal Ambassadors – 6:30pm


    Morning Bible Fellowship – 9:30am
    Morning Worship – 10:30am

    Hocutt Baptist Church

    314 W Horne St, Clayton NC 27520
    Office Phone: 919-553-6650
    Preschool Phone: 919-553-9897

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